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Modellering och simulering
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Research Briefs

Research brief, December 2015

Concrete members with shear failure

Testing of reinforced concrete beams in shear, most often, gives large scatter of up to 30% in load capacity. The shear fracture response of concrete was studied using a multi-scale multi-technique approach. Non-linear 3D FE analyses showed that different degrees of aggregate interlock introduced through varying shear retention factors significantly influenced the shear capacity.       

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Research brief, September 2015

Multi-scale Multi-technique Approach

CBI adopts a multi-scale multi-technique approach to devise a consistent methodology for detailed structural assessment of concrete members. The methodology consists of (a) material and structural testing, (b) Digital Image Correlation, DIC, and Acoustic Emission, AE, (c) microscopical analysis, and (d) computer simulation.

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