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Upon production of new concrete structures, CBI can help with a number of different questions throughout the construction process. We offer consultancy services within the areas of material selection, preliminary design support, execution, follow-up, winter casting and thermal cracking.

Condition assessments, damages & measures

We examine damaged and deteriorated concrete structures and propose optimum repair measures. Our consultants can also take responsibility for the repair process. We also provide assistance in disputes in the event of construction faults.

Laboratory tests 

CBI's testing services cover virtually all the needs in the areas of concrete, aggregates, rock materials, cement and other cement-based materials. Our laboratories are located in Stockholm and Borås. Around 140 of our testing methods are accredited by SWEDAC.

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Mix design and properties of fresh concrete

The characteristics of the concrete depend more and more on the characteristics and proportions of the constituents. We develop mix designs for all concrete types to achieve desired properties in the fresh stage in terms of application and production.

Innovation Centre for Rock and Stone Technology

CBI runs a center named Innovation Centre for Rock and Stone Technology. The centre currently consists of staff from CBI and SP and focuses on aggregates, natural stone and rock mechanics.


CBI has spent a long time working with R&D with the aim of reducing the impact of cement and concrete on our environment. Examples include alternative binders, crushed aggregate, energy storing, CO2-uptake and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA).

Durability and microstructure

CBI performs damage analysis on cement-based materials, petrographic analysis of aggregates and rock materials as well as testing and evaluation of corrosion and chloride threshold values for reinforcement.

Surface protection and maintenance measures

CBI carries out assignments throughout the area impregnation and surface protection of concrete and stone materials. Important things to investigate are, for example, penetration, adhesion, application and function of surface protection materials and waterproofing.

Life Cycle Analysis

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is a method to describe the environmental impact of products and services. LCA is used in product development and production of Environmental Product Declarations. It is also used as a basis to provide accurate environmental information.