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Here you can order or read more about our publications. If you have any questions contact Karin Glad by phone: +46 10 516 6809 or via e-post: karin.glad@ri.se

Engineering bond model for corroded reinforcement

Mattias Blomfors; Kamyab Zandi Hanjari; Karin Lundgren; D Coronelli;
(2018) Engineering Structures, 156, pp. 394-410.
Foreign journal articles

A multi-level structural assessment strategy for reinforced concrete bridge deck slabs

Mario Plos; Jiangpeng Shu; Kamyab Zandi Hanjari; Karin Lundgren;
(2017) Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, 13 (2), pp 223-241.
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A Nordic method for testing hydrophobic impregnations with regard to prevention of chloride ingress

Elisabeth Helsing; Katarina Malaga; Nelson Silva; Eva Rodum; Minna Torkkeli; Arvid Hejjl;
(2017) RISE CBI Betonginstitutet: Stockholm, 115 s.
CBI rapport / 2017:3

Bending behaviour of novel Textile Reinforced Concrete-foamed concrete (TRC-FC) sandwich elements

Natalie Williams Portal; Mathias Flansbjer; Kamyab Zandi Hanjari; Lech Wlasak; Katarina Malaga;
(2017) Composite Structures, 177, pp. 104-118.
Foreign journal articles

Environmental Impact of Concrete Structures - with Focus on Durability and Resource Efficiency

Nadia Al-Ayish;
(2017) Kungliga Tekniska högskolan, 41 s. Lic. avhandling
TRITA-BYTE / 2017:01

Flexural behaviour of textile reinforced concrete composites

- experimental and numerical evaluation

Natalie Williams Portal; Karin Lundgren;
(2017) Materials and Structures, 50 (4), pp 1-14.
Foreign journal articles

Hydration of concrete binders blended with ground granulated blast furnace slag, fly ash and metakaolin

Urs Mueller; Monica Lundgren; Arezou Babaahmadi;
(2017) RISE CBI Betonginstitutet: Stockholm, 78 s.
CBI rapport / 2017:6

Investigating correlations between crack width, corrosion level and anchorage capacity

Mohammad Tahersamsi; Ignasi Fernandez; Karin Lundgren; Kamyab Zandi Hanjari;
(2017) Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, 13 (10), pp. 1294-1307.
Foreign journal articles

New functional pavements for pedestrians and cyclists

Viveca Wallqvist; Gunnar Kjell; Ena Cupina; Lars Kraft; Caroline Deck; Remy Willinger;
(2017) Accident Analysis and Prevention, 105, pp. 52-63.
Foreign journal articles

Nordic Europe

Jan Lindgård; Bent Grelk; Børge Johannes Wigum; Jan Trägårdh; Karin Appelquist; Erika E Holt; M Ferreira; Markku Leivo;
(2017) Alkali-aggregate reaction in concrete: a world review, Editors: Ian Sims, Alan Poole, pp. 277-320.