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publications from CBI

A natural part of a research institute’s business is to produce research reports, recommendations and other types of information material. CBI Reports and CBI Informerar are examples of publications from CBI.

Articles by CBI's employees

There are different ways for our researchers and consultants to disseminate their results. They write articles for different types of magazines and journals and hold lectures at conferences around the world.

External publications

Many of the research projects in which our employees participate result in reports that are published by someone other than CBI. Other types of external publication include our researchers’ theses and conference proceedings.

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For more information, please contact Karin Glad, tel: +46 10 516 68 09 or e-mail: karin.glad@ri.se


CBI-nytt is our free customer magazine that provides information on different activities at the Institute. The magazine is read by manufacturers, contractors, designers, owners, technicians and researchers. (CBI-nytt is written in Swedish).

Information material on CBI

The most important tasks of the information department are to market CBI and disseminate information on the work that is run at the Institute.

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Contact us if you have any questions. We can either answer them directly (easy questions), refer you to someone else or search for information on an assignment basis.

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