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Material and product development

There are many types of concrete for different applications. We do not work with developing new cements but mainly with different mix designs for optimal production and characteristics profile. Concrete is a castable cement-bound material for which there are significantly greater options than you would think. Using silica, ultrafiller, highly effective superplasticers, specially-adapted aggregate and thin fibres enables us to produce castable “ceramic” products that can replace cast iron and other metals in many applications. By using residual products, it is also possible to produce cheap and environmentally-friendly but low-strength products for applications that do not need high strength. CBI also works with optimising normal concrete for different castability characteristics and types of environment.

We work throughout the chain and can produce both optimised and specially-adapted products. We have expertise from several disciplines that can put together different sub-materials for products and analysis equipment to analyse and understand the characteristics and the interplay of individual sub-materials. CBI can also analyse and test the different products so that they satisfy given physical characteristics and are adapted to the environment in which they are to work.

Examples of cement-based products that have been developed and that are being developed:

    • Frost-resistant underwater concrete
    • Ultra-high performance “ceramic” concrete
    • Glass fibre concrete
    • Different types of self-compacting concrete
    • Low pH concrete for special environmental requirements
    • Cement-based injection material for injecting cracks in concrete
    • Low-cement concrete
    • Concrete for concrete pavements