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Concrete research
Rock materials research
Modeling and Simulation
Doctoral projects
Material and product development
Commissioned research

Concrete Research

A major part of the research (the A-research) is financed by the Consortium for the Financing of Fundamental Research within Concrete, often in cooperation with other financiers. We also run EU projects, doctoral projects and commissioned research.
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Rock Materials Research

The research is run in cooperation with national financiers like Formas, MinBaS, SGU and the Swedish Road Administration, as well as international financiers and then primarily the EU.
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Senior research
Ongoing EU projects
Previous EU projects

Modeling and Simulation

A cross-disciplinary approach, combining simulation with experiment and theory, is pursued to address the multi-scale multi-physics nature of reinforced concrete.
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Material and Product Development

In short, material and product development means that we work with different concrete compositions to achieve optimal production and characteristics profiles.

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Commissioned Research

Our commissioned research may concern leach mechanisms, industrial residual products, carbon dioxide absorption, ultrafine filler or concrete pavements.

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Doctoral Projects

Four doctoral projects are ongoing and they concern punding of flat slabs, self-compacting concrete and alternative binders.
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Completed projects