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Global heritage stone: Towards international recognition of building and ornamental stones


Dolores Pereira

Brian R Marker

Björn Schouenborg

Publikationstyp Övriga externa publikationer
Publiceringsår 2015
Språk Engelska
Summary (Abstract) Description:
This Special Publication is dedicated to heritage stone: those natural stones that have special significance in human culture. Some stones that have had important uses in the past are now neglected because they are no longer extracted. Others are still commercially important, but their heritage uses have not been well documented in widely available sources. The Heritage Stone Task Group of the International Union of Geological Sciences is working to establish a new formal designation of ‘Global Heritage Stone Resource’ to recognize those stones that have had internationally significant architectural and ornamental uses. The aim is to spread awareness of the cultural heritage aspects of these stones, to help to encourage continued supply for maintenance and repair of important monuments and to preserve historically important quarries. The aim is neither to promote nor to limit these stones for new construction: in some cases continuing commercial use might help to ensure future supplies for building conservation purposes.
Biblioteksdata Geological Society of London, Special publication 407, edited by D. Pereira, B.R. Marker, S. Kramar, B.J. Cooper and B.E. Schouenborg, 275 pages, 2015.
Serie GSL Special Publications
ISSN 0305-8719
ISBN 978-1-86239-685-2
Anmärkningar Bok
Editors: Pereira, D., Marker, B., Kramar, S., Cooper, B. & Schouenborg, B.